One Nation Under God?

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English: Articles_of_Confederation_1977_Issue-13c.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once, the colonies located in America were subject to the British Crown. But declaring independence, they became nations. New York, and Virginia, among others, became sovereign nation-states, distinct, and foreign to one another. Leaving Georgia was foreign travel, still foreign to this day.

Under Articles of Confederation, for mutual benefit, 13 nations created a society; not the United State, but United States of America, and landless. The USA was separate and foreign to each nation-state which created it. Unless authorized, the USA trespassed by entering any nation which formed it. It is trespass to this day.

United States of America
United States of America (Photo credit: uconnlibrariesmagic)

The people’s homeland was their particular nation, never the USA. They were national citizens, not societal ones. They were true to their several nations.

But now we pledge loyalty to a machine, not the machinist. We proudly grovel, the servile minions of a society, subjecting our nations to a circuit board.

Like a man obeying his dog…


My Group is Bigger than Yours

Are you Republican, Democrat, Conservative, or Liberal? Oh, there are also the Moderates, and Libertarians, sorry. Which one of the six possible positions are you? What emotional response do you have toward each term?

Religion-wise, are you Christian, Muslim, Mormon, or Rastafarian? Did I forget one? How do you feel about the options offered?

As for war, are you Pro-Democracy, Non-Interventionist, Peace-Activist, Patriot, or Anti-War? Do you react negatively to any on the list? Which is your favorite?

But labels are for labeling. Labels categorize, divide, and sometimes conquer. Labeling people seems to display a certain degree of sophistication, or advanced education.

My observation is, humanity betrays a vicious herd mentality, when people label people, for determining who friend and foe are, to unite for battle. Stampedes result from panic and fear, but those who get trampled don’t care for the reasons.